Thursday, 14 August 2014


starting the post by sharing a beautiful picture 

i succeeded in making a handmade clay rose.

so much to say yet all words seemed to be gone the moment i wanna write it down.

starting my U soon.

i have no idea when would i be able to craft again.

still... this blog needed to be kept alive.


Friday, 13 June 2014

Pinkish card...for a guy??!

up for another swap challenge- washi tape theme

this time- a male partner! haha

and the card i made... LOL

 curious what would be his reaction when he received it.

previously was someone from Setia Alam.. this time..even closer... Rantau Panjang! haha

contemplating whether should i buy new toys to play with or not.. *sigh

i actually have no idea how long can i carry out this hobby..

feel like taking a long break and only continue it back when i have started working.. which is like..errr... 4 to 5 years later? LOL

but feel reluctant unable to keep in touch with fellow crafter.. what should i do?? TT

GST is going to be implemented next year.. i'll have to see then...

but i'll make sure i craft as much as possible till next year of April.. then only i would decide

as a girl (uh huh lady) ..i love clothes and make up too..

so... i might focus more on those.. since people said at an age of between 20 and 30.. we usually like all these stuff.. past that age range.. usually quite hard to maintain anymore isn't it? especially if you are married..muahahaha

anyway.. we'll see how right?

oh dear, talked too much. bye~ ^^

swapping events~~~more and more!

waaa... me so rajin these days~~ (there goes my manglish.. XDD)

one comment of mine which let to two swaps at one time!! 


love it love it love it

my partners this time.. Lee Hoong Yip and Ooi Sing Yi

both of them so talented

their cards are simple yet can be so flawless

something i still can't achieve up to today TT

from Ooi Sing Yi (below) ^^

From Lee Hoong Yip (below) ^^

these are from me to them >< hope it's pretty enough and they would like it! 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

swapping event (may) : theme colorful

up for another challenge..
from local swapper group

this time i got a partner who live super close..
just in setia alam
 haha what a coincident

decided to use loves.... lots pf loves..

this way? hmmmm doesnt seem quite colorful..

tadaaaaaa... the outcome


hope she would like it :)


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Blue~ :)

hi all :)

so fast, here is the second card!

i personally almost failed in making this card

but thankfully it ended quite the way i wanted it. 

blue and snow flakes.. the winter effect  ^^

with a glitter blue patterned paper..even more winter feel ^^

like the previous card- the CNY valentine card.. i used the same stamp and silver ink pad to create the border effect.. and i LOVE it.

most of all, feeling happy that i got this particular stamp. 

the cursive writing is simply elegant.

this is a wooden stamp. and of course i did not buy it. i simply could not afford it.

it was one of the gift from Marlene jie from sarawak .. in 2010.. wow, almost 3 years ago..
back then, i am really a newbie in cardmaking.
i don't think i even have a proper ink pad yet.
she was so generous. i received a box. for FREE, a BOX!!

mind you, a little small wooden stamp can already cost up to Rm20 and above.
so a box. can u imagine that? 

anyway, this card.. i still insisted the same thing.. it looks better when u see it in real. haha
maybe because all the photos.. i just capture with a simple phone camera.

that's all for this post.

bye :)

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day in advance :)

Hi people :)

since i would be back in my college during the real 14th of february
so i posted in advance first 

this is also my first official card of the year 2014

i gathered the materials and decided to craft in living room.

haha now i agreed that a crafter can really craft anywhere and everywhere

the outcome! tadaa!

 flowers , an element that could not be missed in my card

and this time, instead of drawing stitches with black gel pen.. i poke the hole one by one and sew it one by one

which why this simple design card took up more than two hours to complete *sigh

finally used alphabets chipboards! yay!

and i love how coincident i have a love brad that fit exactly and perfectly into the letter "o"

i tried a new style this time. something i wanted to try but due to lack of brad, i never try it.

a bit plain without stitches.. 

the inner i just use black gel pen. really have no energy to sew it...

that is all for now :)

thanks for reading!

P/s: i just realised..this is the 14th post under label "cards" in my blog. what a coincident! hehe

Saturday, 1 February 2014

itchy hand~

since it is Chinese New Year..

decided to satisfy my craving to buy new stuff..heh.

Crafty Heart is closing temporarily and are having clearance sales..

how could i miss the chance..

brought a paper pad and brads..sadly i missed the mulberry flowers T-T

Debbie, the owner of crafty heart always so kind in giving away small gifts :)

and these were what i managed to hunt for in Daiso and popular bookstore. 

saw that awesome brads!! so many for just rm5-totally worth it.

and i am wishing really hard for pop artz to grow bigger and bigger.
their stuff is really in good quality.

finally fulfilling my wish to make cards with alphabets chipboards.
if i choose to buy branded one.. (popular do have some american crafts one as well)
must at least spend rm10 and above

i bought that with only rm8.90.


aren't they real beauty? ^^

hope to update next with newly created card :)

signing off~~loves and hugs~~